What is Personal Leadership all About?

13 Apr What is Personal Leadership all About?

Much ink has flowed on what Leadership is all about, however much less has been written on what Personal Leadership is all about …

My soon to be published book, titled The New Success Paradigm, is dedicated to the topic of Personal Leadership.

The New Success Paradigm is based on more than two decades of daily research into Personal Leadership, which is the foundation for high performance leadership, as well as other forms of excellence in the domain of benevolent leadership!

Personal Leadership is likely to be important to three areas of your life, namely:

  1. Your Personal Leadership Sphere
  2. Your Private Leadership Sphere
  3. Your Public Leadership Sphere

Below is a definition of what is intended by the term Personal Leadership:

Definition: Personal leadership (also called self-leadership, or individual
leadership) is a natural or acquired tendency to lead yourself (and your life) in an effective and wise manner.

Personal Leadership is expressed in various ways including:

  • The way that you lead and control your life.
  • The way that you express and your potential through self-determination.
  • The way you define your legacy and what you will hand down to your dependents or successors.

In leading yourself, and your life, in an effective and wise manner you will want to focus on those things that are inclined to bring meaning, fulfilment and success into your life.

In so doing you may well discover that many of them are in fact non-material things!

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