Triggers for Change

20 Jan Triggers for Change

It could be argued that the non-material things are the most precious elements of our lives, and for most of us they are likely to give us the greatest sense of fulfilment, meaning and personal satisfaction.” Stephen Engels

Switzerland/South Africa – January 2021. Time is a very precious, yet limited commodity that is given to each of us in equal amounts, every day of our lives. Now more than ever before in the world’s recent history, something that happens in our life triggers a reaction going forwards. How we react to a trigger in our life is dependent on the time we have available to react to such trigger, which could potentially be the catalyst for a positive shift in how we live each day.

According to Stephen Engels’ new book, The New Success Paradigm: “A Personal Leadership Discovery Platform”, when we start to live our lives in alignment with our personal leadership insights, we are able to more clearly distinguish between those things that are truly important and those things that are not really that important. This can form the foundation for a higher level of understanding, with a greater sense of awareness flooding into our lives. Through this enhanced level of awareness, we can potentially achieve better mastery of our time, energy, emotions, or finances.

Stephen identifies three possible triggers for a change in our lives that could each potentially lead to a journey of self-discovery, through enhanced personal leadership. Such change may ring particularly true to us in the wake of the global viral pandemic that is currently upon us, and that continues to negatively and/or positively impact our daily lives.

The three triggers for change that Stephen discusses in his book are explored below:

Trigger 1: Getting a wake-up call in your life.

Trigger 2: Experiencing a life-enhancing moment.

Trigger 3: The discovery of the unstoppable power of a creative thought train.

Trigger 1: Getting a wake-up call in your life

Whereas some of us may be lucky enough to experience good fortune at various stages along our life pathways, or even perhaps throughout our lives, there is a fairly good chance that at some point in your life, you will be tested by a particularly difficult event, or a very challenging set of circumstances.

In considering the microscopic virus that has impacted all our lives, the world-over is right now experiencing a wake-up call!

Stephen describes this as the notion of vulnerability. It is such an unexpected trigger that may potentially induce us to take stock of our lives; and to realise through a wake-up call that our lives here on earth are not eternal. This heightened sense of awareness may encourage us to change our perspectives, or put into focus the non-material things in our lives, that are in fact extremely important to all of us, such as our physical and mental health; as well as the relationships we have with our friends, our family and our work colleagues; our senses of love and peace; introspective reflection on our personal values; great memories; really special experiences; as well as our humour, laughter and precious daily interactions with others.

Trigger 2: Experiencing a life-enhancing moment

A life-enhancing moment could etch itself into your brain, and forever shape the way you view your life going forwards. Such a moment might for example be couched in a life-changing conversation you may have with someone; or a chance encounter you have with a particular person; or an ‘ah-ha’ moment that inspires you to take action in your life; or a great book you get to read; or an amazing film you choose to watch; or perhaps a difficult or challenging problem, which you are faced with in your life that positively changes your state of mind.

Through harnessing such life-enhancing moment, you might discover a precious insight, or a principle, that catalyses positive change(s) in one or more areas of your life.

Trigger 3: The discovery of the unstoppable power of a creative thought train

Our thoughts on a particular subject start-out as conscious or sub-conscious thoughts. However, most of the time we do not get anywhere near to utilising our full thought-potential, or our full thought-capacity (e.g. through the creation of deeper meaning in own lives, or in the lives of others, or perhaps through the invention or creation of something new).

To bring closer to home the concept of the unstoppable power of a creative thought train, let us use the example of COVID-19, a looming spectre that the entire world is facing right now. For many of us, this viral pandemic may have caused us to lose something significant in our lives. So, to make our way forwards, or even to survive at some level, we may need to quickly find a way to change our current circumstances, or to create new possibilities in our lives.

Stephen describes this process as a creative thought train, whereby your thoughts and instincts help you to create new possibilities in your life.

However, an individual’s potential to use the unstoppable power of a creative thought train does not need to be limited to such challenging times in our lives, as it can be equally powerful when we consciously decide to take our life to a new level. In both scenarios, the experience of a creative thought train can induce exciting, new perspectives in relation to what we believe is possible for us to achieve, or to create in our life.

Experiencing a wake-up call may inspire you to carve out a new niche for yourself in a specific area of your life. Or it may help you to appreciate the importance of taking even more precious care of a special niche that you have already carved out for yourself”, says Stephen.

In Stephen Engels’ new book The New Success Paradigm: “A Personal Leadership Discovery Platform”, he explores an individual’s self-discovery process using anecdotal scenarios, alongside an associated Workbook and the highly interactive ELS LeaderApp for the i-Pad, that encourages sustained personal growth though a personal leadership journey while applying personal leadership strategies.

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