Thought-Leadership Endorsements of SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm

13 Apr Thought-Leadership Endorsements of SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm

Insights from Esteemed Thought-leaders

Below are valued endorsements from esteemed thought-leaders of a soon to be launched book – SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm.

Insight from “Father of the Self-esteem Movement”:

“In this important (SLEGNE ELS) book, the author brilliantly offers a wake-up call and projects the supreme importance of self-esteem in leadership roles [in personal and professional].”

The late Dr Nathaniel Branden – Bestselling author of “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” and “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem”

Insight from distinguished Professor of Leadership:

“Understanding your own leadership journey will change your effectiveness as a leader. Engels’s (SLEGNE ELS) book showcases the need for responsible leaders to step out from conventional roles to inspire personal and professional change in themselves and in others. He writes with authenticity from a lifetime of experiences and brings us closer to an understanding of the connection between personal leadership and high-performance leadership.”

George A. Kohlrieser – Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD, Lausanne (The World’s # 1 business school), Switzerland, and author of Hostage at the Table: “How Leaders Can

Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance” Insight from Ambassador to the United Nations:

“The (SLEGNE ELS) book by Steve Engels provides a practical insight and exercises on basic leadership principles. The relationship between nature and leadership has been simplified for the reader to comprehend. I hope readers will be able to utilize the exercises in the (SLEGNE ELS) workbook (or the SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp) as a tool to develop themselves.”

Ambassador Jerry Matjila – former Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Nations and other International Organizations, Geneva

Insight from Indie Book Reviewer:

“With its programmatic, step-by-step, involving approach, this (SLEGNE ELS) book makes it enjoyable to contemplate success.

SLEGNE ELS) The New Success Paradigm is a tightly organized, systematic approach to personal leadership. Becoming a leader, whether for personal or professional reasons, can be an elusive goal, especially since not everyone has natural leadership ability. To help attune individuals to leadership qualities and skills, Engels has created a system he calls Effective Leadership Solutions (or ELS).

This (
SLEGNE ELS) book, along with the accompanying (SLEGNE ELS) workbook (also available as an i-Pad App) (= SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp), is an outgrowth of the (SLEGNE) ELS (success) system.

(Of the
SLEGNE ELS book’s thirty-five chapters), thirty-four chapters begin with a “short fictional anecdote” about one or more individuals facing particular challenges or developing solutions that directly relate to the chapter content. This is an especially effective way of illustrating leadership principles through storytelling.”

Barry Silverstein – Foreword Clarion Reviews


Insight from ex Global Consultant on Quality:

“This excellently structured, thought provoking book, (SLEGNE ELS) The New Success Paradigm, and the accompanying (SLEGNE ELS) Workbook (as well as the SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp for the iPad), will resonate with many people at numerous different stages in their lives and personal development. Indeed, there is something of value here for all of us.
Stephen’s Effective Leadership Solutions (=
ELS) approach to self-examination and ultimately self-improvement is well formulated and very well explained and communicated so that the reader can both appreciate the concepts put forward by the author, buy into them and, importantly, apply them to maximum personal benefit.
I unreservedly recommend (SLEGNE ELS) The New Success Paradigm.”

Dr Bob Pietrowski – ex Vice President, Global Health Sciences, NSF International

Insight from ex CEO of Global Pharmaceutical Group:

“Anyone of us needs a “triggering event” to start to understand, then know and finally feel what we want to achieve in our life. This event might be conscious or unconscious. For some of you, this (SLEGNE ELS) book, and moreover the (SLEGNE ELS) workbook (or SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp for the iPad) will be the triggering event which will allow you to start to onsciously lead your life.

This journey, which allows you to map your life as it is and the one as it should be, will let you understand the gap between what you do and what you want to achieve

As perception is reality, you will be
successful in leading your life when you have the intimate conviction that your desired objectives are fully aligned with your set of values.

Going through the (
SLEGNE ELS) book and the (SLEGNE ELS) workbook (or SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp for the iPad) is the beginning of your own journey.”

Dr Franck Latrille – ex CEO NextPharma

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