The Need for a Shift in Leadership Dynamics

13 Sep The Need for a Shift in Leadership Dynamics

Switzerland / South Africa – 13 September 2020: Today the focus on ‘a job’ is more pronounced than it has ever been before in our global commercial history. We are living on a planet that is rapidly becoming less and less sustainable and which needs to progressively take better care of its people, and vice versa. In this context, a shift in leadership dynamics focused on the development of inspirational leadership styles, is urgently needed – at a global level, as well as a local level. Our societies have become increasingly sensitive to the importance of great organisations being led by effective leaders.

Amidst the chaos that today reigns across the globe, one simply cannot ignore how current events have adversely impacted the lives of people in unique ways, and how they have negatively impacted the sustainability of our planet and the generation of business profits.

Our (i) life challenges, (ii) opportunities and (iii) changing situations are directly impacted by our empowering beliefs, as well as by our self-limiting beliefs. Together these three themes constitute the metaphorical roller coaster that the world at large is presently experiencing.

“How you face your current challenges will depend on your sense of determination coupled with your goals and aspirations on a personal level, on a private level, as well as on a professional level,” says Stephen Engels, Managing Director of ELS Management Sàrl, Switzerland.

Having conducted more than 20 years of research into what makes an effective leader, with a specific focus on personal leadership, Stephen highlights the key attributes of a great leader as being the following:

  • Attribute # 1 – A healthy sense of self-esteem that helps you to sustain your self-assurance, as well as your humility.
  • Attribute # 2 – A leadership mind-set that is grounded in a sound understanding of the meaning of personal leadership.
  • Attribute # 3 – An attitude of striving to do now what is needed to build for tomorrow.
  • Attribute # 4 – An ethic of responsible leadership that is the catalyst for bringing-out the best in the people you get the privilege to lead.
  • Attribute # 5 – Strong planning, prioritising, and organizing skills.
  • Attribute # 6 – The ability to communicate effectively.
  • Attribute # 7 – The ability to easily connect with others.
  • Attribute # 8 – The ability to influence others through applying effective influencing skills.
  • Attribute # 9 – The ability to inspire people to achieve results beyond what they believe is possible for them in their jobs, or in their lives and
  • Attribute # 10 – The ability to lead change effectively.

“The starting point for a dynamic leadership transformation of people and companies, is to stimulate an awareness of what life holds for each of us individually, as well as for us collectively. This raised sense of awareness is extremely important in developing our dreams for the future”, says Stephen.

Stephen plans to release a cutting-edge book on leadership in October 2020 that develops the theme of the need for a shift in leadership dynamics.

His book is titled – The New Success Paradigm: “A Personal Leadership Discovery Platform”.

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Stephen Engels has successfully positioned himself as a specialist in the domains of:

• Leadership Development.
• Management Development.
• Business Leadership and
• Business Analysis.

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