The Importance of Effective Delegation

19 Apr The Importance of Effective Delegation

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In running a business or in building your career, you will not have all the time you believe you need to have to manage all the things on your plate☹

Unless of course you are a super-organized and highly communicative person, which means that you are part of an extremely rare category of individuals.

One way to improve the effective use of your precious time is to delegate effectively.

In essence delegating means getting things done through others.

When you delegate an activity, you share the responsibility for what you are trying to achieve.

Although you share responsibility when you delegate an activity, you are still accountable to yourself, or to someone else for the outcome of the activity that you have delegated.

To be an effective delegator it is important to follow up on what you have delegated, otherwise, you run the risk of not achieving the desired outcome or a defined objective within the time frame established for the completion of the activity that you have delegated.

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