Patience Gets you There

24 May Patience Gets you There

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About Creating Success:

In my soon-to-be-published book, titled SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm, I introduce ten themes that are the real drivers of success

One of these ten themes is your “Attitude, Determination and Frame of Mind”

“Attitude, Determination and Frame of Mind” is a theme that brings together various related facets of a life that takes maximum advantage of available opportunities. 

Some time ago I had nasty fall and broke a bone in my arm. When something untoward like this happens to me, I systematically ask myself the question “What can I learn from this?”

This question prompted me to write this blog, in that I found a lesson for myself in my book, where in Chapter 22 “Attitude, Determination and Frame of Mind” it is suggested that through your attitude, determination and frame of mind you can for example … become a more patient person

One of the positive outcomes of having more patience is finding more time to appreciate the simple things in life!

While I was in convalescence, nursing my broken arm, I had the opportunity to reflect on the fact that in striving to achieve “something” that you have set-out to achieve – patience gets you there … and secondly, that enjoying and appreciating the simple everyday things can put more meaning and fulfilment into your life.


Perhaps you are presently struggling to achieve personal leadership excellence in a particular area of your life …

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