Leveraging Good or Bad Professional Experience

19 Apr Leveraging Good or Bad Professional Experience

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A Magical Recipe for Instant Experience:

A few years ago someone asked me how one could get onto the fast-track towards gaining professional experience, or simply said – if there existed a magical recipe for gaining instant experience?

This question immediately intrigued me, and it still does today, as …

It is often said that: “There is no substitute for experience!”

The Value of Experience:

Yes – experience in life and experience in business are both extremely valuable as each of them offers us unique points of reference that we consciously or unconsciously use:

  • In making decisions in business or in life, and
  • In establishing our top priority to focus our attention on.

Extracting Value from your Personal Experiences:

In reflecting on the value of your personal experiences, you might realize that in comparison to what a good experience brings to the table, a bad experience can sometimes add as much value, or even a lot more value, in relation to new challenges in your life or your business. 

Your success is driven by what you learn from your personal experiences as well as how you interpret or attribute meaning to your experiences of failure, as well as to your experiences of success.

Both good experiences and bad experiences fall into exactly the same domain – namely the domain of EXPERIENCE

The value you can gain from AN EXPERIENCE, be it a negative experience, or a positive experience, will probably include the following:

  1. The lessons you learn from your personal EXPERIENCE that help you in dealing with future situations, or challenges, that you are faced with, and
  2. The meaning you attribute to each EXPERIENCE, be it a negative experience, or a positive experience.

LEARNING from our EXPERIENCES is a life-long process, and whereas a “magical recipe” for instant experience could be very valuable in a specific context at a given moment in one’s life, such a “magical recipe” would frequently need to updated based on new experiences in one’s life or business, be they positive or be they negative.

An Invitation:

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