Finally, it’s Now or Never!

03 May Finally, it’s Now or Never!

Dear Friend

Around every corner, there is a nice surprise – and yes, there can be if one interprets one’s experience is a positive light!

Last week I had the challenging experience of learning that I needed to postpone my carefully planned book launch from May to June 2021.

Initially, I was frustrated, however my frustration soon transformed itself into joy, as I realized that my opportunity to engage with my audience had suddenly advanced tremendously and my time pressure had vanished.

The COVID-19 global viral pandemic has impacted and will continue to impact how we live and work.

The various lock-down decisions that have been made in countries across the globe have in some way or other affected the life of each person who works in the Med. Tech., Pharma. Biotech., or Pharmaceutical Industries.

However, the needs and challenges faced by ambitious individuals who work in these three Industries have certainly not gone away!

There are TEN essential leadership attributes that are very relevant to the ongoing development of these ambitious individuals and they each play a vital role in their lives.

In June 2021 I will launch a book titled:

SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm: “A personal leadership discovery platform”

Below is one of TEN key Leadership Attributes that have been extracted from the book:

Leadership Attribute # 1
A healthy sense of self-esteem that helps you sustain your self-assurance, as well as your humility.

As most of the world moves along a pathway towards a very uncertain future, we at ELS Management Sàrl are glad to invite you to click here and take the unique opportunity to sign-up for a 25% discounted offer on 6x online SLEGNE ELS Leadership Education Modules.

Note: This 25% discount offer will gradually diminish as we get nearer to the book launch day, so now is a great time to jump in on this exciting deal!

In signing-up TODAY you will receive the following ELEVEN FREE BENEFITS:

  1. A personalized copy of the SLEGNE ELS Workbook for The New Success Paradigm.
  2. Access to download the unique iPad SLEGNE ELS LeaderApp Workbook Application for The New Success Paradigm.
  3. An invitation to register yourself for a bonus, semi-live SLEGNE ELS Leadership Development Education Webinar, which has an interactive SLEGNE ELS Q&A forum session that is led by author Stephen Engels and during which you will get to know each other.
  4. Access to a global network of like-minded people.
  5. A valuable set of tips on becoming a better leader.
  6. Precious information on our exciting SLEGNE ELS Leadership Development Education and Mentoring Programs.
  7. An offer for you to join a Leadership Development Education Group Mentoring Session.
  8. An opportunity to hear stories about the Success Secrets of other leaders.
  9. A bonus offer of a leadership gap analysis of your own business, or else of the business you are employed by.
  10. Our 30-day money-back guarantee – if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  11. Insights into the meaning of world-class Leadership Development Education.

Part 1 of ELS SLEGNE The New Success Paradigm Story

The creation of SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm Book and the associated SLEGNE ELS Workbook took place over a period of more than two decades!

SLEGNE ELS The New Success Paradigm: “A personal leadership discovery platform” was created with two specific groups of people in mind: 

People who are busy choosing or building their careers, or livelihoods, and who would like to have a dynamic and sustainable paradigm for achieving the successes that they desire in their personal, private, or professional lives,


People who are interested in further developing themselves, or others, as leaders

The SLEGNE ELS story will be continued shortly …

Best regards

Stephen Engels

Personal Leadership Effectiveness Strategist

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