Doing something now vs Doing it later!

09 Jun Doing something now vs Doing it later!

  • The Challenge: Procrastination is the thief of time.

The reality of the way things work in our lives is that the longer we leave “something undone”, the greater the chances are that it will never get done. Planning is simply fundamental; however, it will not ensure that something actually gets done. Planning too much may turn well-intended plans into procrastination.

  • Tackling the Challenge

Ways to be 100% sure that something gets done:

  1. By doing it yourself; or
  2. By ensuring that it gets done by those responsible for the task.

The timing of when “we do something” is a very important consideration in achieving progress, as it is part of the planning process. However, the emotional stimulation of knowing that “something has already been done” is highly motivating.

When being busy becomes procrastination.

Nowadays, our lives are overcrowded with far too many things to do, and we are overloaded with too much information that we have received from others or that we have collected ourselves.

As human beings, we tend to procrastinate, which can easily be coupled with the excuse of not having enough time to do something that we ought to do.

We have two alternatives: simply add what has to be done to our ever-growing and never-ending To-Do List; or add it to the list of Things That Need to Happen. Then set priorities and note which items are not essential to make room for what matters!

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