Doing Something Now versus Doing it Later

16 Apr Doing Something Now versus Doing it Later

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The Challenge:

The reality of the way things work in our personal lives, private lives, and business lives, is that the longer we leave “something undone”, the greater the chances are that it will never get done, or never happen!

Planning is therefore important …

Thinking and talking about what we plan to do can be very helpful, however, they don’t ensure that “something” actually gets done, or actually happens.

Reflect on saying that:

 “Procrastination is the thief of time!”

Tackling the Challenge:


  1. By doing “something”, or 
  2. By ensuring that “something” gets done, or
  3. By making “something” happen

can we be 100% sure that something will get done or will actually happen!

The timing of when we do something, or when something actually happens is an important consideration.

However, the emotional pleasure of knowing that something has already been done, or that “it has already happened is highly motivating!

Our lives are overcrowded with too many things to do and we are overloaded with too much information that we have received from others or collected ourselves.

As human beings we tend to procrastinate, which can be coupled with an excuse about not have the time to do something that we should do.

Possible Solutions:

Reflect on the Nike Brand jingle of:

“Just do it!”

… which says a lot and implies a lot!

Or else we add the “something” to our growing and never-ending To Do List, or List of Things That Need to Happen


Perhaps you are struggling to achieve excellence in a particular area of your personal life, private life or professional life …

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