Discover the Value of Personal Leadership!

17 Jun Discover the Value of Personal Leadership!

Much ink has flowed on what Leadership is all about, but do you know what Personal Leadership is all about?

Personal leadership (AKA self-leadership, or individual leadership) is a natural or acquired tendency to lead yourself (and your life) effectively and in a wise manner.

Personal Leadership is important to three areas of your life:

  • Your Personal Leadership Sphere
  • Your Private Leadership Sphere
  • Your Public Leadership Sphere

Personal Leadership is expressed in various ways, including:

  1. The way you lead and control your life.
  2. The way you express your potential through your self-determination.
  3. The way you define your legacy and what you will hand down to your dependents or your successors.

In leading yourself and your life effectively and wisely you will want to focus on those things that are likely to bring the most meaning, fulfillment, and success (your personal definition of success) into your life.  

Through focusing on things that bring meaning, fulfillment, and success into your life, you might well discover that many of them are non-material things, such as good mental and physical health for you, your family, and your friends and healthy work relationships – with your employees, your colleagues, your business partners, your suppliers, and your customers /or your clients. 

Material things, such as the fruits of your professional livelihood that provide materially for you and /or for your family, can be viewed as simply being a means of providing a support framework that allows us to enjoy the non-material things the most precious elements of our lives! 

a) Make a list of TEN non-material things that you believe could give you more pleasure in your life.
b) Next to each item on your list, write down an action that you commit to taking that will bring you more pleasure in your life.
c) Next to each action you commit to, indicate a date when you commit to taking that action.
d) Use a reminder system (e.g. your diary) to ensure that you follow up on each date you have committed to.
e) Enjoy your personal leadership journey 😊

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About the author:

Stephen Engels is a licensed Insights Discovery®️ Practitioner with +20 years of research and practical experience. Based in Switzerland, he works internationally as a leadership and management development educator and consultant.

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