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About The New Success Paradigm, its Workbook and the ELS LeaderApp

 The New Success Paradigm: “A personal leadership discovery platform”, its Workbook, and the unique ELS LeaderApp Workbook App for the i-Pad have been created in the frame of an ELS (Effective Leadership Solutions) Project.

This trio of cutting-edge, personal leadership products offers you something very special at any stage of your life.

They are an exciting invitation to:

“Lead a dynamic life!”

  • Create a highly successful life though applying the principles of personal leadership which is a vital foundation for leadership excellence.
  • Learn about the 10 themes that are the real drivers of success in every individual’s life.
  • Discover and start using the unique set of 27 ELS Dynamic Exercises, together with the ELS Goal System to expand, or transform your life, profession, or business.
  • Discover and adopt a novel paradigm for success that you can apply on a personal level,  or private level, or professional level.

One reason to obtain personal copies of The New Success Paradigm, its Workbook, and the unique ELS LeaderApp Workbook App for the i-Pad, is that they will instantly create more excitement in your life!

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  The New Success Paradigm

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 The New Success Paradigm


 The New Success Paradigm


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 ELS LeaderApp Workbook App

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The Book

The New Success Paradigm is a cutting-edge book on personal leadership that will be published and launched in March 2021 as a paperback, an e-book and an audiobook.


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The Workbook & the ELS LeaderApp

Sign-up to the ELS Community and register for the series of six ELS Success Webinars, with a free additional webinar, in the frame of which education opportunity you will receive a paperback copy of The Workbook for The New Success Paradigm, as well as electronic access to the unique ELS LeaderApp Workbook App for the i-Pad.


In your life!

You have a wonderful opportunity to grow personally and professionally by doing the 27 Dynamic Exercises in your Workbook, or in your ELS LeaderApp Workbook App. 

Through actively doing the  27 Dynamic Exercises, you will continuously build new strengths in your personal life, private life, or professional life.


Discover your Real Potential

1. Learn the amazing things that  professional stalwarts, as well as  enthusiastic users, have to say about The New Success Paradigm Experience.

2. Raise your awareness of what The New Success Paradigm could potentially do for you in your personal life, private life, business life, or professional life.


Now and 24/7 …

As you read through The New Success Paradigm, you will discover repeated invitations to actively use the innovative ELS Goal System to plan your personal or professional activities around some meaningful and well-chosen goals, that could positively transform the way you experience your life.

In this important book, the author brilliantly offers a wake-up call and projects the supreme importance of self-esteem in leadership roles [in personal and professional].”

Nathaniel Branden
Bestselling author of The Psychology of Self-Esteem and The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.

Understanding your own leadership journey will change your effectiveness as a leader. Engels’ book showcases the need for responsible leaders to step out from conventional roles to inspire personal and professional change in themselves and in others. He writes with authenticity from a lifetime of experiences and brings us closer to an understanding of the connection between personal leadership and high performance leadership.”

George A. Kohlrieser
Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland and author of Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance.