About Stephen

Stephen (Steve) Lyall Engels is delighted to announce the imminent publication and launch in March 2021 of his cutting-edge book on Leadership, titled …

  • The New Success Paradigm: “A personal leadership discovery platform”,  which is being made available as a paperback, an e-book and an audiobook, together with
  • An associated paperback Workbook and
  • The unique ELS LeaderApp Workbook App for the i-Pad,

The publication and launch of this trio of products is the fruit of more than 20 years dedicated to daily research into leadership excellence, management excellence and advanced personal development.

The trio of products constitutes a cutting-edge education platform that is an exciting invitation to awaken to the powers of personal leadership, also called self-leadership, or individual leadership, and through this awareness to live the experience of a life that is filled with meaningful successes.

Stephen’s interesting and varied professional life experiences, his rich personal life, as well as much reading and research into positive psychology, leadership, management and various related topics have given him deep insights into many fascinating aspects of human nature and character, and he has mastered some insightful ways of bringing-out the untapped potential of his valued clients.

When he was part-way through writing an early version of his book, Linda the elder of his two sisters on reading his draft manuscript, and sensing that he was on a mission to help others in their lives, suggested that he become a Life Coach.

Initially he did not take-up on this precious insight, however when she suggested it twice more over the next couple of months the idea sparked in his mind, and he then enrolled himself in a USA coach training course with the Coach Training Alliance in Denver Colorado.  Subsequently, he qualified as a Certified Life Coach.

Since those early days, Stephen has moved much further on from coaching into the world of expert mentorship in the domains of leadership and management development.

Stephen has a passion for developing and delivering products and services around the topics of leadership development, management development and advanced personal development, which stems from the pleasure he gets from interacting with others, learning what makes them tick, hearing about their interests and passions, discovering what motivates and inspires them, as well as what motivates and inspires the individuals they have the privilege to lead!

His flair for dynamic education and consulting, as well as for cutting-edge mentoring on the development of soft skills in the fields of personal leadership, leadership excellence and management excellence are central to the exciting, meaningful and rewarding professional activities that allow him to express his humanistic desire to help people in their personal, or private, or professional lives.

Stephen is also a licensed Insights Discovery® Practitioner.

The vast majority of the people who Stephen has educated, or consulted to, or who he has mentored, or guided, have indicated that they were very grateful for what they gained through these dynamic and enriching interactions.

Stephen is based in Switzerland, from where he works internationally as a leadership and management development educator and consultant.

He is married and has 4 children.