About ELS Management Sàrl

About ELS Management Sàrl

Stephen Engels is the founder of ELS Management Sàrl, a company that specialises in providing its valued clients with:

I. Leadership & management education and consulting services

II. Business excellence education and consulting services.

III. Quality management education and consulting services.

At present, particular focus is being given to companies operating in the Med Tech, Pharma Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries.

(Note: ELS = Effective Leadership Solutions)

ELS Management Sàrl offers companies and individuals bespoke education services and cutting-edge consulting services.

These expert services are provided under Stephen Engels’ direct guidance and management, either by Stephen or with the support of passionate, subject-matter-expert (SME) partners.

The expert education services and consulting services offered by ELS Management Sàrl fall into three categories, namely:

  1. Leadership & Management Development.
  2. Business Excellence.
  3. Quality Leadership.

1. Leadership & Management Development

Stephen Engels has profound insights into human nature and character, with the deft ability to rapidly enhance the potential of his clients.

The palette of soft skills that he applies during these expert professional interventions have been gained through many years of practical experience in the domains of business, consulting and education, as well as through extensive research in the fields of positive psychology, personal leadership, leadership development, management development, team building and business excellence.

Stephen has substantial leadership knowledge, plenty of practical experience with a readiness to share many related stories, as well as a deep understanding of the colourful palette of critical relationship building soft skills that are of so important in fostering healthy human interactions in a business context.

Stephen has a passion for rapidly developing the skills and talents of people and organizations beyond their expectations. This includes the development, or enhancement of leadership and management skill-sets that either partially exist in an organization, or that are sadly recognized as being missing, or that are deficient in some way(s).

For more than 20 years Stephen Engels has performed extensive, independent research on cutting-edge leadership and management principles, strategies and practices.

In this regard, Stephen is:

  • A licensed Insights Discovery® Practitioner
  • A certified Life Coach, and
  • A trained Facilitator

2. Business Excellence

The foundation of Stephen EngelsIndustrial Expertise and his Business, Education and Consulting Expertise includes:

a. His extensive knowledge and hands-on practical experience gained in the Pharma Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries, first holding various leadership and management roles and subsequently working as an educator and organizational transformation consultant.

b. His extremely valuable first hand experience gained in the educational domain of leadership and management development, supporting ambitious young leaders as they focus on developing their careers in the business world.

With many years of experience Stephen’s focus has moved forwards to the power of business excellence synergies.

Stephen has gained positive practical experience in providing value added support for successful organizational transformations and optimisations, combined with support for the development of business excellence practices. 

This positive practical experience has stirred Stephen’s passion for working with clients to design and implement transformational projects that add significant value to the way an organizations has traditionally managed its business operations, including the new normal of people working from remote locations!

3. Quality Leadership

Stephen Engels’ professional career pathway spans more than three decades of international experience in the Pharmaceutical and Pharma Biotech Industries.

First he spent 28 years in various leadership roles, through which he developed himself as a “world class” quality management systems expert, with extensive and diverse experience at both corporate level and site level.

Subsequently he started on a new journey as an entrepreneur and  independent consultant.

For 8 years he worked independently on Quality Assurance & Supply Chain education and consulting projects, taking on many interesting and challenging roles for small, medium sized and large clients in the Pharma Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Med Tech Industries.

His core technical expertise includes the development and implementation of highly effective Quality Management Systems for Pharma Biotech and Pharmaceutical manufacturing organizations.

Prior to commencing his career in the Pharma Biotech and Pharmaceutical Industries, Stephen received a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.


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