About The New Success Paradigm

The trio of The New Success Paradigm: “A personal leadership discovery platform”, the associated Workbook, and the interactive, user-friendly ELS LeaderApp Workbook App for the i-Pad, together form a life changing personal leadership discovery platform that offers you something very special at any stage of your life.

This is an exciting invitation to:

  • Create a more successful life though personal leadership which is a vital foundation for leadership excellence
  • Learn about the 10 themes that are the real drivers of success in every person’s life
  • Discover and start using the unique set of 27 ELS Dynamic Exercises and the ELS Goal System to expand, or transform your life, or your business
  • Discover and adopt a novel paradigm for success on a personal level, or a private level, or a professional level

One good reason to get The New Success Paradigm, the associated Workbook, and the unique ELS LeaderApp, is that they will instantly create more excitement in your life!

The New Success Paradigm Experience

You are invited to step inside The New  Success Paradigm Experience :

  • This unique experience includes the discovery of an exciting personal leadership discovery platform consisting of the trio of the The New Success Paradigm Book, the associated Workbook and the unique ELS LeaderApp Workbook App.
  • The New Success Paradigm Experience also includes ELS EventsELS Services, and a cutting-edge leadership philosophy that is actively supported by the precious feedback of enthusiastic users, with great endorsements from professional stalwarts.
  • In joining  the ELS Community you get access a free webinar, during which you will learn about ways of applying the personal leadership principles included in The New Success Paradigm Book to your three leadership spheres. You will also get the opportunity to discover the other 6x webinars in the cutting-edge series of ELS Success Webinars.

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In this important book, the author brilliantly offers a wake-up call and projects the supreme importance of self-esteem in leadership roles [in personal and professional].”

Nathaniel Branden
Bestselling author of The Psychology of Self-Esteem and The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem.

Understanding your own leadership journey will change your effectiveness as a leader. Engels’ book showcases the need for responsible leaders to step out from conventional roles to inspire personal and professional change in themselves and in others. He writes with authenticity from a lifetime of experiences and brings us closer to an understanding of the connection between personal leadership and high performance leadership.”

George A. Kohlrieser
Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, IMD and author of Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance.